Continued Growth and Exciting Changes at TechCORE MSS

We at TechCORE MSS are proud to be an innovative solutions company always on the cutting edge of evolving Modernization and Digital Transformation solutions. We have embraced these changes in the digital world including Automation Anywhere the leading RPA platform and continue to offer improved services to our clients. TechCORE MSS has been awarded “Most Promising Electronic Contract Management Solution […]

Remembering to Stay Safe and Prepared during these days of Wild Weather

We at TechCORE MSS hope that everyone is well especially those in areas of the recent “wild weather.” September is 2021 National Preparedness Month, and local communities will be offering Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. CERT is a group of people organized as a neighborhood-based team that receives special training to enhance their ability to […]

Excited about the progress of our Certified Appian Training Program (CAT)

This month we are excited to report on the success of the TechCORE MSS Certified Appian Training Program (CAT).  CAT is our proprietary in-house training program which was launched in May of this year to upskill motivated individuals to gain entry to the burgeoning field of low-code business process management computer application development. The current 30- […]

Reinforcing our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Long before “sustainability” became part of the American vocabulary before “green” became a verb, individuals who are now part of TechCORE MSS’s leadership were already dedicated to environmental, social, and economic responsibility all of which now permeates all aspects of the company’s activities, and today continues to be at the forefront of the firm’s consulting […]

Increasing Company Growth and Visibility for Continued Success.

Last month we told you about our commitment to the philosophy of: “DO IT. DO IT RIGHT. DO IT RIGHT NOW” As we continue to commit to increase our growth and capability, we have introduced the TechCORE MSS Certified Appian Training Program (CAT), a 30-day intensive hands-on training program that clearly lays out low-code development fundamentals, […]

Uninterrupted Service While Being Ready for Post COVID-19 Success.

In spite of COVID-19, we at TechCORE Management Solutions Services, ™ LLC have not paused, but have demonstrated our commitment to provide quality service to all our clients as we continue on our amazing journey as a company. We reaffirm our commitment in “Bridging The Gap Between People, Process and Technology” and advancing the potential of the company […]

Responding to an Opportunity to Serve our Neighbors & Community.

At TechCORE MSS in addition to the IT and Professional Services that we provide to clients, our corporate policy includes a commitment to provide volunteer service to our local community, and we are especially pleased when that service can help to bring joy to children. This month we at TechCORE MSS were excited to partner with Bethel Worship […]

A BPM Approach to Cyber Security Monitoring

We recognize that the world of cyber security has changed. Gone are the days where a modest amount of protective technology and strategies provide a reasonable amount of security and residual risk. In a fast-evolving business world, areas of risks seem to evolve even faster than new preventative technologies. Governments and corporate entities are now […]

Continuing with Superior Performance in a CoVid-19 Era

At TechCORE MSS we will always recognize that our people are our company. At the start of 2021 it continues to be a challenging year for businesses. As I stated in my monthly letter in November, “just as our country is built on the strength of our people, so is our company.” We work hard to create and […]

Ready to “take it up a notch” in 2021

Happy New Year to everyone!! With the start of a new year comes the sense of a new beginning. Many of us will make New Year’s resolutions. Some will succeed and follow through with these goals. Some will simply recommit to goals they have set in the past, but for whatever reason, were not able […]